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Why Lucky 13? 

A momentary lapse in concentration and I placed the fret dots, intended for the 12th fret, onto the 13th fret!!  This beautiful Cohiba 52 box makes a fabulous guitar and the weird dots on the 13th fret just make it extra special and very rare!


Made with a Genuine Cohiba Behike 52 Havana Cigar Box this is a high quality, beautiful instrument.

Through body neck style.

Built with premium oiled and polished Sapele neck 

Quality stay tight chrome machine heads

Maple fretboard treated with Lemon Oil

Low profile brass frets

Machine bolt nut

Machine bolt floating bridge

Toaster style humbucker pickup

Two pots for tone and volume, silver knobs.

Beautifully finished and a joy to hold and play.

Round core strings from Newtone Strings, 42, 32 & 24 gauge. 

Tuned to GDG but you can change this to anything you fancy!

Cohiba Behike - Lucky 13

Out of Stock
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