These are not machine built, identical clones - they have knocks, dings and scratches. In the true spirit of old style hand made guitars they have inevitable imperfections, each one is unique and has its own character.


Some parts may not line up absolutely, some may not be perfectly straight or be slightly off centre.


It doesn't matter.


They are all beautiful in their own way and they all make great music.


Made with a Genuine Cohiba Behike Havana Cigar Box this is a high quality, beautiful instrument.

Through body neck style.

Built with premium oiled and polished Yellow Poplar neck and an inbox laminated additional piece for extra strength.

Quality stay tight chrome machine heads

Sapele fretboard with low profile brass frets

Hand shaped bone nut

Machine bolt floating bridge

Toaster style humbucker pickup

Two pots for tone and volume, black knobs.

Beautifully finished and a joy to hold and play.

Round core strings from Newtone Strings, 42, 32 & 24 gauge. 

Tuned to GDG but you can change this to anything you fancy!

Cohiba Behike Cigar Box Guitar