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This is a really beautiful and rare build from an Upmann Sir Winston cigar box. The box is used but, apart from a few dings, it is in good condition.


The cigar box guitar is constructed with high quality components


Hardwood neck & reinforcing backstrap - finished with 6 coats of Tru-Oil

Sapele fretboard - dressed with Lemon Oil

Fretboard dot markets and side dots

Jumbo Van Gent nickel silver frets

Our trademark machine bolt floating bridge and nut

Triple Slot Chrome toaster style humbucker pickup

500k pots with "orange drop" tone capacitor,

Van Damme shielded hook up wire and Neutrik jack. 

Chrome control knobs

Chrome strap buttons

Beautifully finished and a joy to hold and play.

Round core strings from Newtone Strings, 42, 32 & 24 gauge. 

Tuned to AEa but you can change this to anything you fancy!


A beautiful genuine cigar box guitar.

H Upmann Sir Winston box

Out of Stock
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