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We want to be really straight with you about this value range of guitars - if you are expecting to receive a highly polished, beautifully finished guitar then you will be disappointed. These cigar box guitars are true to their origins as "folk" instruments, they have a "rustic', rough, unsophisticated feel and in order to keep the price as low as possible we do not spend lots of time on the finish.


Way back when people were making the first cigar box guitars they were quite literally a stick and a box with any wire that was available used for strings. We may have moved on a bit from those early days but this guitar is true to the original concept of  "A Stick and a Box".


Fretted & single coil pickup. Maple fretboard,  Monte Cristo Cigar Box Guitar


This is an enhanced version of our basic model. We have added frets and a single coil pickup with tone and volume controls. 

A classic 3 string cigar box guitar made with a Yellow Poplar neck, through body strengthening laminate, Maple fretboard and a genuine  Monte Cristo Havana cigar box body.

Comes with 3 Strings 42, 32 & 24 gauge - tune to GDG.



Monte Cristo - fretted, white pickup

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