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These cigar box guitars are true to their origins as "folk" instruments, they have a "rustic', rough, unsophisticated feel, they are strongly made and genuinely playable instruments..


Way back when people were making the first cigar box guitars they were quite literally a stick and a box with any wire that was available used for strings. We may have moved on a bit from those early days but this guitar is true to the original concept of  "A Stick and a Box".


Fully fretted with single coil pickup.  Robaina Cigar Box Guitar

Yellow Poplar neck and reinforcing, thru body laminate with a Walnut fretboard. Has a single coil pickup with tone and volume controls. 


A classic 3 string cigar box guitar made with a genuine Cuban Robaina cigar box body.

Comes with 3 Strings 42, 32 & 24 gauge - tune to GDG.

Robaina fretted with single coil pickup

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