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"Old School" value range cigar box guitars

A great value cigar box guitar. Ideal for beginners . Carefully built in our West London workshop

cigar box guitars on display

Premium cigar box guitars

Handmade right here in West London our cigar box guitars are built with genuine Havana cigar boxes and premium hardwoods.

Our Premium Guitars

cigar box guitar

Build & Play Workshops

We run one day workshops at which you can build your own 3 string cigar box guitar.


Our cigar box guitar workshops

cigar box guitar workshop
play cigar box guitar

About me

After years of working as a designer of digital products I finally made the leap to working full time on my love for music - particularly guitar music.


Having played acoustic slide blues on a regular guitar and a dobro for many years I caught the Cigar Box Guitar bug and soon began making my own instruments.


Through trial & error and many hours of frustration I taught myself how to build these wonderful little guitars. So now I'm working on this full time and making my guitars available to a wider audience. With hundreds of guitars sold around the world I have all the experience and know how how to make the finest, performance quality guitars. 


If you start on this path you should be warned "One is never enough".

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