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eric on a boat

Music from

OddBox Eric

The OddBox Band at WooFest July 2022

OddBox Eric at Woolwich Blues night

Our set with May Widera at Woolwich Blues Night

Some new videos from our set at WooFest 2019

OddBox Eric and The Guitar Social play old school blues at WooFest, July 2019

My New Album

Here I am with "Little Red Rooster" on lap style slide guitar at the Earl of Chatham Blues Night in Woolwich.

"Walk On" and "Goodnight Irene" from my set at The Reliance Pub in Shoreditch. This is a video of the entire open mic - my set starts at around 1.20.39.

My take on "Preacher Blues" - sound balance is a bit off, live in a very noisy bar! Theatre Deli Bar, Broadgate, London.

This is little demo of one of our "Old School" guitars fretted with a single coil pickup.

Rebecca (one of my students) made this beautiful fretless slide cigar box guitar at one of my workshops. She asked me if I could retrofit a fretboard. Here it is - sounds okay too ( a few bum notes here but then I was only testing it out.......)

I made this custom build for a friend who brought an old battered petrol can into the workshop. I left it as a :rough" design in keeping with the Junkyard Orchestra of the can. Its a surprisingly sweet and soft sound. Three strings tuned to GDG, Sapele neck & fretboard.

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