Old School Value Range

We've worked hard to produce a simple guitar with a great sound but at a really great value price. We finally produced a range of 3 styles of "Old School" guitars.

How do we do it?

  • We buy in bulk, we work hard to source the materials whilst maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

  • We use a lot of technology and machine tools - there is very little "hand crafted" work in these instruments. 

  • We also leave the guitars unfinished - they play perfectly well out of the box and you can keep them like that if you want or you could grab some fine sand paper, some Danish Oil and set to work.

We want to be really straight with you about this value range of guitars - if you are expecting to receive a highly polished, beautifully finished guitar then you will be disappointed. These cigar box guitars are true to their origins as "folk" instruments, they have a "rustic', rough, unsophisticated feel and in order to keep the price as low as possible we do not spend lots of time on the finish.


They may not be super finished but they sound great.

Heres a short video of one of our Old School, fretted with single coil pickup. Sounding pretty good .


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