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Unleashing the Blues: Tuning Your Cigar Box Guitar in GDg

Cigar box guitars have a rich history deeply rooted in American blues and folk music. These homemade instruments are not only a nod to resourcefulness but also a gateway to a unique and soulful sound. One of the most popular tunings for cigar box guitars is GDg, a tuning that evokes the raw, gritty tones of the blues. In this short guide, we'll explore the process of tuning your cigar box guitar to GDg and discover the magic it brings to your playing.

Getting Started:

Before diving into the tuning process, ensure your cigar box guitar is in good condition. Check the strings, neck, and overall build to guarantee optimal performance.

GDg Tuning:

The GDg tuning is a three-string tuning that creates a resonant, bluesy sound. Here's how to achieve GDg tuning:

1. G String:

- The low G string is the thickest string.

- Tune it to G, the root note of the scale.

2. D String:

- The middle D string is a lighter gauge than the G string.

- Tune it to D, creating a perfect fourth interval with the G string.

3. g String:

- The high g string is the thinnest string.

- Tune it to g, an octave higher than the G string.

Tuning Tools:

While experienced players may rely on their ears, beginners might find an electronic tuner handy for precise tuning. These tools help ensure accuracy, especially when fine-tuning to achieve that authentic blues feel.

Playing in GDg:

Once your cigar box guitar is tuned to GDg, it's time to explore the unique sonic landscape it offers. Experiment with slide techniques, bending notes, and open chord progressions to unleash the expressive power of this tuning.

Benefits of GDg Tuning:

1. Blues Authenticity:

- GDg tuning captures the essence of traditional blues, allowing players to recreate the raw, emotive tones of the genre.

2. Simplified Playing:

- With only three strings, GDg tuning simplifies the learning process for beginners, making it easier to dive into the world of cigar box guitar playing.

3. Creativity Unleashed:

- The limitations of a three-string setup encourage creative exploration. Experiment with different slide positions and techniques to develop your unique playing style.


Tuning your cigar box guitar to GDg opens a portal to the soulful world of blues music. Embrace the simplicity, experiment with techniques, and let the resonant tones of your homemade instrument transport you to the roots of American musical tradition. So, grab your slide, strike a chord, and let the blues flow through your fingertips.


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